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Be-Vita Vitamin Shower filter is high in concentrated vitamin, with a 10mm thickness sediment filter of 5 types of magical scents. This premium shower filter not only removes chlorine but is also effective in promoting healthy skin and hair. The filter contains ingredients that function to moisturize, smoothen and improve the tension of the skin and hair.

  • Neutralises chlorine

  • Removes impurities

  • Moisturising and smoothen skin

  • Strengthening tension of the hair


Cherry Blossom carries a sweet aroma that you will feel as if you were walking down the park during spring. The fragrance of your water with this scent will leave your body feeling fruity, refreshed and light. Fill your shower with fruitful memories. 


Black Cherry has a strong sweet fragrance to it. It makes the water taste deliciously sweet and feels edible. As tempting as it sounds, it is not advisable to drink. Cleanse your body with this to make your skin and hair feel rejuvenated. 


Lemon will turn your shower feeling like tropical rain. Feel and enjoy your smooth skin and hair with that juicy citrus scent to your skin every bath you take.


Lavender grants you a scent you will never forget. Relax your body and mind with this floral sweetness. Let this lavish lavender lead you to a night of deeper sleep.


Baby Powder is that familiar light scent that will remind you of those comforting days and leave you nostalgic. Infuse your bathroom with happy memories and leave with silky smooth skin.

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